quoat dis
quoat dis

ur pael blue eyez
h H H a
how did i get here
ur pael blue eyez
linger aawn
thot ov u az mae friend
u kno i tot ov u az mah mountn tawp
stuff it een a cuap
wher eis sex
i want sex
autizm aint azz komon az pepo think it be , cuz they niggaz just be introverted and shee
flesh cuem bloed and all dar
waest of liep
im a dumb sperg cunt
i wish i was as smart as ted kaczinski
no bullying casual stabbing unpleasantness
no assraep in asylum
youre lifes fucked anyhow after being in either
i wonder if its worse than prison
i belong in a mental asylum
abt how to doa a passport renewal and dat i need to taek my koat oaf to due da phoetoe
this ho at the passport office was so sweet and cute i almost felt like a huaman bean whe she talkt to mae
without hoap
in shithoal soviet cuntry
live wif abusiv neurotic parints
no jawb or educacials
i eat because no gf
i shouldnt eat so fucking muxh ch
they run around and eat da poo poo then torture to death and dadts how fascism ultiamriewnruttly works twerk tweks twerk twerk it twerk it out
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